TriSquare ™ 2-way Radio Communication with eXtreme Radio Service

eXRS™ Technology

eXtreme Radio Service (eXRS) two-way radios use proprietary Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) in the ISM band (900 MHz frequencies). This FHSS system combines the power of digital technology with narrow band FM modulation technique. Merging the two technologies facilitates a radio communications system that maintains a narrow band base signal to ensure for maximum usable range within a given dB power budget, comparable to traditional fixed frequency narrow band FM radios, but with the added benefit of wide band digital security and privacy provided by the frequency hopping spread spectrum algorithm. Maintaining the information signal as narrow band FM modulation centered on discrete frequencies allows for a large pool of non-overlapping hopping frequencies to draw upon within a given section of the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. The pseudo-random drawing of the hopping frequencies spreads the total signal power equally over the entire bandwidth of the RF spectrum used, which ensures minimal interference between many simultaneous, independent users.

Interference Free is a major advantage that eXRS has over existing FRS and GMRS radios. Based on a contracted study from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of a major university, more than 100,000 eXRS users within talk range can enjoy uninterrupted communications. Whereas, FRS/GMRS quickly becomes unusable with just a few tens of users within range of each other. Bottom-line is that the eXRS two-way radios provide private communications in areas where FRS/GMRS conversations can be congested or impossible.

Under the same environmental conditions and regardless of power, the TriSquare eXRS radios usable talk range will be equal to or greater than that of other portable UHF two-way radios in most cases. Coverage within steel and concrete structures should be better with eXRS radios. Multiple independent tests indicate that the eXRS products always exceeded the performance of the FRS/GMRS products advertising the longest ranges.

eXRS radios are free from any Federal Communications Commission (FCC) user licenses, can be used at any age and for any purpose (personal or business), unlike GMRS radios.