TriSquare ™ 2-way Radio Communication with eXtreme Radio Service

eXRS Frequently Asked Questions

What is eXRS?
What is the range of eXRS radios?
Why doesn’t TriSquare advertise the range in miles like FRS/GMRS models do?
What are the advantages of eXRS radios over FRS/GMRS radios?

How many channels do eXRS radios have?
Depending on the model, there are up to 10 BILLION different channels available for use.


What is a channel?
What is the difference between a group channel and a private channel?
What is meant by frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)?
What licenses or fees must the user pay?
FRS and GMRS are FCC allocated radio services.What is eXRS?
Can eXRS be used for business?
What has TriSquare done to make eXRS environmentally friendly?
What is the output power of eXRS radios?
Am I likely to experience interference from other eXRS users?
Should I expect interference from other devices in the 900MHz ISM band like cordless phones?
What is the difference between the TSX100 and TSX300?
Are eXRS radios FCC certified?
Are eXRS radios legal in Canada?
What batteries can be used with eXRS radios?
What is the battery life of eXRS radios?