TriSquare ™ 2-way Radio Communication with eXtreme Radio Service

Introducing eXtreme Radio Service®

TriSquare has revolutionized 2-way radio communications with the eXtreme Radio Service (eXRS). Advanced digital technology ensures longest range*, unmatched clarity and interference free communications.

eXRS Provides:

New Digital Technology

eXRS uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology and operates in the 900MHz ISM band. The advanced digital circuitry provides superior communications in a small package. eXRS radios are the most advanced walkie talkies on the market.

Interference Free Communications

The new eXRS two-way radios offer clear communications without interference from other radios. These license free eXRS two-way radios can be used anytime, anywhere and for any personal or business purpose. The eXRS system allows as many as 100,000 users within range of each other without interference of normal voice conversation. Click on the eXRS Technology link to learn more.

Private and Secure Communications

Prevent eavesdropping and ensure completely secure conversation with TriSquare’s integrated digital FHSS technology. Ideal for families with children, groups and business.

*Under the same environmental conditions, the TriSquare eXRS two-way radios usable range is equal to or greater than that of other portable UHF 2-way radios (including FRS/GMRS).